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Bucket List

In no specific order, just wrote down whatever came to mind, so its kind of random. I might add more things, might delete some if I'm no longer interested, so this list is subject to change. Also I do not plan on completing this list within a year, but hopefully it will be done by the time I kick the bucket. :) Visit all 7 Continents Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Europe North America South America Go Camping Attend a live tapping of SNL Learn how to shoot a gun Learn a how to play a new sport Golf Archery Surfing? (Is that a sport?) lol Propel from a mountain Swim with Sharks Swim with Dolphins Learn to fly a plane Learn a new language Mandarin Arabic Sign Language Learn to say hello in 50 Languages Visit all 50 States Go on a road trip across America Learn to play the guitar Sell one of my beats Learn to change a tire Take a cooking class Go on a helicopter ride Go white water rafting Race a sports car/Drive a Nascar Go Jet Skiing Traverse between trees on a zip line Go Zorbing Visit the Grand Canyon Visit the Galapagos Island Drive on Route 66 Attend a World Series Game/NBA Finals/Super Bowl Visit the Amazonian Rain forest Visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras Visit Rio for Carnival See the Cherry Blossoms in DC in Full bloom Go to Vegas and play poker Read at least 12 books a year Meet a standing or former US President Meet a standing or former US Vice President Meet a US Secretary of State Visit the White House See Mount Rushmore Climb up the Statue of Liberty See the Golden Gate Bridge Take a photography class Learn a pool trick Learn Chess Learn to Juggle Learn basic sewing Get CPR Training Attain my Masters Meet Michael Jordan Meet Alex Rodriguez Go to a Jay-Z concert Run for Office Help Build a Habitat for Humanity Home Volunteer anywhere outside of the US Volunteer anywhere outside of NYC Volunteer at an animal shelter Get a piece of writing published in a magazine Learn to jump start a car Go sailing Charter a yacht Buy my mom a Benz Drive a Lambo Sleep in a castle Travel all over DR Trace my ancestry Sponsor a family in DR Visit Nantucket Visit Martha's Vineyard Go on a Safari Go Whale Watching Watch Turtles hatch and run to the ocean Ride a camel Ride on a dog sled Go to Cuba while Fidel is still alive Visit the Vatican Attend the US Open or Wimbledon Match Be part of think tank Serve in a grand jury Watch the sunset and sunrise Participate in La Tomatina Food Fight in Spain (last Wed in Aug) Experience a Zero Gravity Flight Go fishing Cook a 5 course meal Go paragliding Visit the Statues of Easter Island in Chile Visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt Visit the Stonehenge in UK Go to Amsterdam Swim in a cave Climb up a ruined pyramid Meet a witch doctor Go to Costa Rica Swim in the largest pool in the world, Chile Visit Machu Picchu, Peru Visit the Coliseum in Rome Visit Petra in Jordan Visit Christ Redeemer in Brazil Visit the Great Wall of China Visit Chichen Itza, in Mexico Visit the Taj Mahal, in India Learn to drive a stick shift Take a trapeze class Appear in a political talk show (tv/radio) as a commentator Read the Bible from beginning to end Foster a Seeing Eye Dog